Welcome to JohnRob.com. This is my little corner of the net where i can expound on my many insane schemes, ideas and inventions and put them out there for the rest of the world to get behind. if you want to donate $$$ so that i can fund my little escapades you can send any amount you desire via paypal at the address John@Johnrob.com. If you would rather contribute thoughts, as opposed to money i suppose that would be ok too, just leave a comment on the post you want to discuss, cheapskate.

     "But John," you say, "why should I bother with your site when there are so many other sites out there?" Well, that's true, there are a lot of other sites out there. I suppose if you like fancy, well maintained proffessional looking sites written by experts who are already living their dreams and have the resources to pursue their ambitions, then go, fine, see if i care. If, however, you want to actually be a part of the action, to contribute and watch and learn(along with others, including myself) then this is the site for you.

     Here is the disclaimer. When it comes to any little projects that I am pursuing, I make the final decisions. I'm not selling stock in my ideas or anything like that, there is no "I donated $X so I have a say!". If I like an idea, i will be more than happy to utilize it, and credit the person that Contributed. So, what kinds of things do i have rolling around in my head?

Books: I like to read, however I don't get to do it as much as I would like to, so when I find a book I enjoy, I really want to be able to discuss it. I also dabble in writing a bit, thought not anywhere near the professional level.

Movies: Like most people I do watch movies and TV shows, and like most people, i have an opinion about what i watch.

Technology: Yes, I am a bit of a technophile. I wouldn't by any stretch of the imagination call myself an expert, I merely have a bit of a fascination with new technologies.

Food: I admit it, i like to eat. So, if anyone would like to donate recipes, I will gladly try them and post them with my thoughts, pics and proper credit.

Projects: This would be where financial donations come in. There are many projects i would love to undertake, however I lack the resources necessary in order to do so. Of course some projects lend themselves to others.(ie, if you want to make a documentary about a road trip accross the US in your dream car, project 1 is get your dream car.)